MAF in Bangladesh

MAF desires all people to have the opportunity to be transformed, regardless of where they live. In Bangladesh, MAF provides a remote amphibian flight service that specifically supports humanitarian and development activities in hard to reach locations throughout the country.

Our services include:

Medical Evacuations & Medical Team Flights

  • Transport of critically ill patients to medical facilities in Dhaka
  • Transport of medical teams for the purpose of providing medical care and treatment to remote communities
  • Transport of medical professionals to provide health training
Floating Hospital
Photo: LuAnne Cadd

Aid Agency Charter and Shuttle Flights

On-demand charter and shuttle flights to remote locations for the purpose of:

  • Needs assessment
  • Project implementation
  • Monitoring and evaluation of projects
School children in Bangladesh
Photo: CSS

Disaster Response and Aerial Survey

  • Rapid delivery of assistance following natural disasters
  • Aerial assessment following natural disasters to:
    • gather data
    • assess needs
    • inform decision making
Flight after Cyclone Mora
Photo: Jill Holmes
From the MAF aircraft we had a bird’s eye view of the widespread flooding situation. Combined with the reports we were receiving from the ground, this aerial assessment was extremely helpful in our decision-making as we responded to this humanitarian crisis.
Omar Farook, Humanitarian Advisor, DFID Bangladesh